Self portraiture is quite often introspective, angst ridden, melancholy or  provocative where artists choose to burden the viewer with their disgust, pain, sexual frustrations, childhood or relationship problems and other dark or gray subjects.
That’s ok.
But along comes a bright and vivacious 16-year old who blows away all those cobwebs with very happy, colorful, fruity self-portraits which just make me want to grin from ear to ear.

Here’s what Katie Hosmer said on the My Modern Met site : “…With just two and a half years of experience, 16-year-old Spanish photographer Cristina Otero captivates us with these zoomed-in self-portraits. Using fruit as her inspiration in this series entitled Tutti Frutti, Otero disrupts the conventional notions of feminine beauty and interacts with different fruits in a seductive performance for the camera. She draws the viewer in with her wide, innocent eyes while the bold, striking colors of her make-up complement each fruit.

During an interview, she said that she loves photographing the human face because, “It’s like a dictionary of emotions and ideas, all you want in a person is there, written on her face, so easy to decipher.” Using her own face as the canvas, Otero creates refreshing photos that are extraordinarily eye-catching. These self-portraits are filled with personality!”

In Cristina’s own words “…Perfection is boring. Boredom means not interesting. I want to be interesting, I want to be imperfect then!

I love my widely-spaced front teeth.
I love my brown eyes, my brown hair.
I love my big forehead.
My fatness.
I won’t lie, I wish I was taller though.

Beauty is nothing and everything.
Beauty is happiness, sadness.
Beauty is life, memories.
Beauty is a tear, a smile.
Beauty is a storm, an ocean.
Beauty is music, silence.
Beauty is art.
Beauty is strange, unique
Beauty is blue, green, orange, brown, blakc, white, beige, pink, red, violet, gold, silver, amber.
Big, small, short, tall, thin, giant.
Rough, soft, sharp, tender, scratchy.

But the most important meaning of being beautiful, is being true to yourself.


In this video Cristina demonstrates a self-portrait session:


See more of Cristina here:


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