Today’s post is not directly related to photography, but a demonstration of the amazing observational faculties, the creative genius and the transformation of  existing environments into stunning art galleries & perfomance spaces for ordinary folk.

It serves as a inspiration and wake-up call for artists, writers, photographers and creative folks of all genres everywhere.

And it proves to the rest of us, that art is everywhere – just a few steps from your front door or a few streets away. If only we see.

This collection (full gallery below) was assembled & curated by
Morgan ABBOU on Google+

Here at the top, a brilliant artist, perhaps even the owner, has seen what we would all see as a normal fence constructed of  fence-size poles. But then, the artist has painted each individual pole to look like a colored pencil in a box. Brilliant, no?

And, how about this on top? Who would think of taking a lamp post, making it into one arm of a pair of spectacles, and creating the rest of the resting frame on the ground. And it looks exactly a pair of glasses you carelessly put down and didn’t quite close properly. I know because I have several pairs and sometimes they act that way. 😉

Next, look carefully at the picture below.
Very carefully.
Oh look, it’s a caravan of camels traversing some dunes in a desert.
No it’s not, it’s a crack in a wall. That’s all it would be to you and me.
Come on – admit it.
But not to a genius observational artist. To the artist, it is the desert.
I’d love to meet this one. Genius. Small, cute even, but genius.


Talking of tiny little genius art….
1. a “no stopping” sign becomes a hamster wheel for a rat (which may mean it’s by the famed/notorious Banksy),
2. a  T-Junction sign is a crucifixion,
3. a random nut & bold sticking out of a wall becomes a gruesome murder, and finally,
4.  a manhole cover is left slightly opened and a shrine created for “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” (if you don’t understand, you didn’t have young sons in the 80s/90s – Google it).













And so, below… a scissor icon indicates where you should start cutting on the dotted line.
A dashed road divider which you and I see and ignore everyday,  becomes ????..


How about the seriously LAAARGE ones?
 Let me show you a couple:

Did it make you blink your eyes and shake your head? Yeah…me too.

Ok, next….stop, stop, watch out, you’ll fall in…

I got it. I got it. Bikes, not cars. Ok, You have to stop repeating yourself…nag.
OH! It’s Lance Armstrong’s summer retreat? That’s Ok then.

OK! I love this one – how cool is that ‘fro?
And it’s good for the environment – which isn’t something you can say about any other afro 😉

On the subjects of trees, bushes, and shrubbery.
Here’s a lil bush that has been transformed into, uh…um… a lil bush (blush).

Just one more bush – another one of my favourites…pretty huh?

This then is the genius of STREET ARTISTS, unsung, unsigned, unheralded, creating art for the sake of art – not recognition or financial rewards.
Encompassing humor, pathos, protest, philosophy, urban decay & urban beautification, art, design and genius into one.
Often persecuted by local councils and governments – and fined or threatened with jail terms for being, what? An artist.

But that’s genius.
And it ever was so.

IMPORTANT… Wait – Hold on:  But your journey is not yet over.
You can win prizes… I have Leica sticker covers for your iPhone 4 or 4S which will make it look like you have a small but powerful professional camera when you take pictures with your iPhone. It fools people into thinking you have a camera worth over $6000 dollars – not a common  iPhone. 3 winners. Contest starts today 28th March and ends 10th April 2012. 

There is a gallery below with dozens more pictures than I had time to show and describe for you. Enjoy it – enlarge the pictures by clicking on the images. Then,

1. put a comment below in the blank box below this story which says “SPEAK YOUR MIND” . Your comment can be as long or as short as you want – a few lines, a paragraph or a page – up to you. Make it interesting, make it funny, make us cry – whatever. Be sassy, or smart, or poetic, or philosophical or silly. Your choice.

2. Next, go back to Facebook or Google+ or Pinterest – wherever you saw this story and share it with your friends on Facebook, Google+, Pinterest or tweet (hashtag #brandh-photoblog) about it.
If want to, do all three or four. Add me on any of these you want to.

Then (very important)  just msg me telling what you’ve done and where/when.

If you’re a winner, no matter where you are on this planet, I will send you the Leica sticker for your phone. Bon Chance!


Do you want to be part of this?  You may have seen or better yet, photographed some street art.
If you send it to me, I will publish it here and give you full credit for it and link to your FB page or your website.

If you find something brilliant, startling or funny on the web and you can tell me whose picture it is – with the source, I will do the same, crediting you with discovering it.

If you want to “Guest Post”  here, and you write/photograph/create art which is relevant to this blog, contact me and we can talk.


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