Saturday Silliness

Have you ever seen a photograph and wondered what were they thinking?
Or simply, “why?…Why?…WHY?”

Well, This collection of (mostly) vintage photographs from the Tumblr blog Black and WTF will leave you wondering all of the above, or seriously hurt yourself laughing.
What got my attention was the name – a play on B&W or Black & White. But the photos speak for themselves.


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Max factor and his scientific beauty machine

1934:  Max Factor demonstrates his “scientific device” the Beauty Micrometer which detects defects in feminine beauty that are imperceptible to the naked eye. via vintagegal

 …and the point is???

Before you could carry portable drinks in plastic bottles, I suppose…

Riding your striped horse in East Africa – as you do…wonder why it never caught on?

1939 London: Oh really? Ok, then…

Actress Veronica Lake and stuffed seal who looks quite shocked…is she goosing him?

1910: Okkkkaaaaaaayyyyy – Male bonding?

“…OK Rover – Do it like this in this pan, not in the hallway…” ( but remember to lift your skirt first…)

Swimming lessons – “Go Thorpie, go…”

The original – ahem – boat shoes

“Tee hee…Oh Mr. Darcy – stop it, you’re making me blush…”

and finally, a still from a 2011 Oscar winning movie  that I loved  – “The Artist”

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